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Sell Solar From Anywhere In The World 

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Solar Bootcamp Library

Experience our comprehensive Solar Bootcamp University Training Library, featuring over 400 hours of meticulously crafted curriculum covering every aspect of the industry. Widely recognized as the go-to resource for individuals and teams, our Training Library continuously evolves with the addition of 8 hours of fresh solar bootcamp university content each week!

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Weekly Live Training

Join the Solar Bootcamp University (SBU) and unlock exclusive benefits! As an SBU member, you'll enjoy 10 live training sessions every week. We cover essential topics like Solar 101, Installer proposal training, mindset, appointment setting/discovery call strategies, objection handling, closing techniques, lead generation, DIY marketing, business growth, processes, and more.

Plus, receive personalized attention with weekly call reviews from highly experienced virtual solar sales professionals. Maximize your results by getting immediate feedback and refining your sales approach. Elevate your skills and grow your success with SBU!

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Leads Members

Don't miss out on the opportunity! Become a member today and gain exclusive access to a variety of subsidized lead programs. We offer cold, aged, and exclusive inbound leads that cover our entire installation territory.

But that's not all – we go the extra mile! Receive specialized training tailored to each type of lead, showing you exactly how to close deals efficiently. Our goal is your success, so let us guide you through the process of turning leads into valuable opportunities. Don't wait; take the leap towards increased sales and business growth!


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Our Install Network

Discover the simplicity of our installation network! We've partnered with quality local installers across the US to handle your customer's installs swiftly. With local installers, you enjoy quick installations and fast commissions.

Track your installs effortlessly using our transparent project tracker, guiding you seamlessly from sale to installation. Plus, benefit from our impressive average installation time of just 30 days in most states. Your satisfaction is our priority – experience the ease and efficiency with us!


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Discover the Solar Bootcamp University difference! We've dedicated years to creating the industry's most powerful Solar Sales Tech, known as SBU.LIVE. It's a game-changer and the world's first to feature Solar Metaverse and Live streaming. Tune in to watch fellow solar pros going live with their sales calls!

But that's not all – SBU.LIVE comes packed with essential tools like CRM, Scheduling System, System Design, Multi-Dialer, Automations, Project Tracker, Commission Reports, and much more. Simplify your solar journey with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips!

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Let Our Success Stories Do the Talking...

Recent success stories from our Solar Bootcamp University members, straight from our Sales Update hub!

Summarizing Our Extensive 400+ Virtual Solar Sales Training... 

Topic Examples

✔  Why Solar Sales
✔  How Incentives Works
✔ Best-Worst Solar States
✔  How to manage Selling In Multiple states
✔  Phone ales V. zoom Sales
✔  Self Gen vs. Online Lead Gen
✔  The Transition From D2D To Over The Phone
✔  Computer Setup
✔  Discovery Call Questions
✔  Framing The Sell
✔  Tonality Pacing
✔  Why you should Talk Less Than The Customer
✔  Why You Shouldn't Have
A Long presentation

✔ Energy Upgrades  
✔ Qualifying For Credit Checks, Roof and Electrical
✔  How To Get Documents Sign
✔  Understanding Customer Goals
✔  Understanding The Payments
✔  What To Do Before The Sales
✔  HOA Tips and Tricks
✔  Permit Overview
✔  Prepping Homeowner For Site Survey
✔  What Can Cause Install Delays
✔  What To Get After Signing Documents
✔  How To Get Referrals
✔ What You Should Do On Install Day

✔  Objection Handling
✔  How To do Your Own Facebook Marketing
✔  Live Weekly Q&A Training
✔  Solar 101 Live Training
✔  Proposal Review
✔  Mindset Training
✔  How to Do Organic Lead Generation
✔  Learn How To Grow Your Solar Business
✔  Learn How To Build A Team


Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I'm Garrett Mendelsohn

Founder of Solar Bootcamp University

This is my Story

Garrett Meldensohn is a distinguished figure in the solar industry, celebrated for his exceptional sales prowess and remarkable achievements. Transitioning seamlessly from a setter to a closer, he consistently delivers excellence, averaging an impressive 25 phone-based solar deals each month. With unparalleled dedication and performance, Garrett has already surpassed 147 sales this year alone, a testament to his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to success.

Notably, Garrett plays a pivotal role in the development of, the world's first e-Sports platform tailored for solar enthusiasts. His active involvement solidifies his influential position in the dynamic and ever-evolving solar sector.

Moreover, Garrett's influence extends beyond sales achievements. He has been featured on 19 renowned social and news platforms, including The Good Man Projects, Benzinga, Tech Times, The Daily Caller, US Insider, Science Times, and USA Today, among others. His insightful articles provide valuable industry perspectives and insights.

As an author, Garrett has penned the groundbreaking e-book "Virtual Solar Mastery," the first of its kind in the industry. This comprehensive guide offers invaluable insights into achieving success in virtual solar sales, cementing Garrett's reputation as a thought leader and expert in the field.

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